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Intention + Action = A new story

My goal is to empower one million girls and one million women to have a new story around their rites of passage: puberty and pregnancy & birth.  When someone is empowered at these pivotal times in their life, there is a ripple effect into all the other areas of their lives, and other peoples'.


Many of us in this current culture do not have ways to mark these important life stages, let alone guidance on how to grow through the process!  I want my legacy to be a range of resources that enable you to make the most of the journey and contribute your uniqueness to the world.


Tessa x

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The journey from a child's body and brain to a woman's can take 10 years.  Rather than crossing our fingers and hoping for the best, we can give our daughters the best possible chance at becoming a content woman who knows her own mind and has sovreignty over her body.

Join me at my other website for the events and talks I offer for girls in and outside of school.

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The first time around, pregnancy opens up a whole new world of information and options.  My aim is to support your preparation not only for birth, but to set you up with tools that you can use in mothering.  I focus on providing a way to care for yourself and create a community as your life radically changes.  Through face-to-face classes or online courses, you are not alone.  Yoga, mindfulness, hypnobirthing, and community.

As women we give so much of ourselves to others, but we can't give from an empty cup.  Join me at my weekly Well Woman Yoga class or at the monthly Red Tent, a women's social circle, to fill your cup to the brim.  If you are interested in learning about Menstrual Cycle Awareness look at my online course.

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