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Birth Affirmation Cards

There are 24 pregnancy, birth and parenting affirmations in this pack, with most being focused on supporting your birth.  Affirmations can be a powerful tool in counteracting all the dramatic and negative portrayals of birth that we have from our culture today. In the photo below left, you can see that each card has a decorative drawing, which you could colour in if you wish.  The reverse of each card has text explaining why that affirmation has been chosen to support you on your journey. The cards alternate white, yellow, green.


I have put my experience of running Birth Preparation Workshops into writing and designing these cards so that they include all the essential knowledge for a smooth birth. I want every woman to go into her birthing journey feeling calm, confident and empowered.


You can stick the cards up around your home so that you see them often and the positive affirmations become second nature.  One lady who came to my Pregnancy Yoga classes and the Birth Preparation Workshop chose the affirmation that most resonated with her and copied it* to put all around the house. When I went to visit her 11 hour old son, her husband joked that even he felt that he "trusted [his] body to birth my baby"!


(*It is absolutely fine to copy these cards for your personal use, but if you are a doula / hypnobirthing / yoga teachers please get in touch about how you can use them with your clients - I would be thrilled if you put the front card in your packs so please get in touch.)

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