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Congratulations to Charlotte on the arrival of William in December 2015: "I moved from the head not being engaged and a completely closed cervix to having delivered in 6 hours! I managed the whole labour using just the breathing techniques you taught me in yoga classes and half hour of gas and air at the end. Somehow I managed to take myself into a very calm place for 6 hours and re-entered the world when my baby boy arrived!

It wasn't what I planned [hospital not home birth) but I really feel I survived it so well because of coming to your classes. I owe you so much! Thank you for all the support and confidence you have given me. "


I am currently only offering this to individual couples in their home (or possible two couples) rather than in a group format while I work on new content.


The beauty of this is that it can be tailored to your needs and the type of birth you are planning, whether that is at home, in the midwife-led or delivery suite.


Active Birth workshop:


This yoga-inspired workshop is an opportunity to show your birth partner(s) the key tools for birthing your baby that are covered in the weekly pregnancy yoga classes, so that they are confident in supporting you.


It is intended as a consolidation from the weekly Pregnancy Yoga classes so it is a pre-requisite that you have attended class with myself or another teacher.


We will cover additional content, for which there is no time during the classes.  This includes:


* Using an exercise ball and massage during labour

* Positions and breathing for different stages of labour

* Creating a helpful birth environment

* ‘What if’ scenarios and role of the birthing partner(s)

* Birth expectations and preferences

* Nurturing your new baby


The workshop is best attended from 30 weeks onwards, but can be taken from 20 weeks.  


Investment £100 per couple (including personalised relaxation track, two further tracks and handouts)


"I really enjoyed today's workshop, it was the perfect length & a good mix of practical breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, & general information about what is going on in my

body during birth." Kate, May 2017

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Yoga-inspired birth preparation workshop with birthing partner, Caversham, Reading

Birth Preparation Workshop

Congratulations to Maru and Namit on the arrival of Anya in July 2014:

"Just to say that Tessa is an incredible teacher.  

Her research background and her own experience as a mother give her the perfect qualifications for being a wonderful pregnancy yoga teacher.

I was visiting the UK for 6 weeks early in 2014 and the time and patience that she showed me when I was in her classes genuinely helped me to learn a lot and to feel confident for having my own child.

One thing I really liked about her was that she had the answers to every question I had. Also I told her I was nervous about actually giving birth and she helped me with a specific meditation for this.  I am actually a yoga teacher myself but I still found that there was lots for me to learn from Tessa.

Because of all of the above reasons and because of her lovely personality I would recommend without a doubt Tessa as a pregnancy yoga teacher."


Congratulations to Claire and Jools on the arrival of their baby girl January 2015. "We spent new year in style and had a wonderful homebirth with a pair of great midwives from the new RBH homebirth unit. No painkillers needed as I used the inspiring visualisation and breathing techniques you taught us at pregnancy yoga and the active birth positions at your informative birth workshop. We just wanted to thank you for all your support during the pregnancy and the positive birth affirmations and ideas you gave us. Jools was a fabulous birthing partner too. Your advice was invaluable!"


Congratulations to Marta and Andy on the arrival of Rebecca in September 2014:

"As a second round mum I was looking for a refresher course on birth.  Tessa's workshop on birth preparation was full of fresh information and new tips. Many of them helped greatly when giving birth... I loved the image of a cave with the sea coming in, I went through a few contractions visualising that.  Loved the course and Tessa is full of resources and very knowledgeable about a whole range of birth topics and beyond..."


Congratulations to Ruth and Aaron on the arrival of their baby in July 2014. Ruth said "the birth prep [workshop] made me feel so much more capable than I otherwise would have. I was 7cm by the time I went into hospital, and still managing fine. Staff were lovely, and really on board with the hypno birth approach.

Golden thread breathing got me to the hospital with no horrible car contractions as I visualised the breath filling the road ahead, and I just needed to get to the end of each breath without a strong contraction and I'd be fine - I was!".


"Oliver was born yesterday after about 38 hours and I can't thank you enough for the tools that got us through it. I eventually had to be induced, so the surge / wave visualisatoin and golden thread got me through the enhanced hormone experience!

He's just amazing and I can't wait to bring him to baby yoga to thank you in person" (Karen, Oliver arrived July 2015)


Congratulations to Rachel and Rick on the arrival of Zachary in August 2015: Little Zachary arrived safely at 3.01 on Friday morning. I had first contraction at about 2.30 in the afternoon whilst wandering round the Oracle. Things starting ramping up around 8.30. The midwives came to the house around 11 and said I was only 2 cm so to stay at home for longer. About 1.30 am, despite my protests, Rich forced me to go to the hospital. Its a good job he did because Zachary arrived within the hour! So I got through all but the last hour (where I had gas and air) using the power of the golden thread breath and trying to stay relaxed as possible!

So thank you! Thank you for all the advice and guidance in your classes, it proved literally golden!"


"I cannot tell you how helpful was your classes:  1) meditations; i used visualisation techniques for dilation as well; 2) breathing techniques through the labour (I did not need any gas or other medication). We stayed at home till contractions appeared every 3 mins and then phoned the hospital where we had been advised to wait longer as i did not sound if i was having a labour. We decided to go to hospital anyway and as soon as we reached, my waters broke in triage room and i was 8 cm dilated. By the time we reached delivery room, i was 10cm.  Thank you for giving so much!" (Zivile, Jasmine arrived Dec 2015)

"My midwives were amazed at how calm I was" Hannah & Freya, June 2016

"Thanks for contributing to a healthy pregnancy and a great birth experience!!" Luce (July 2016)

"Tessa is a natural teacher." Fiona, 2016