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By Tessa of, Jun 3 2014 03:28PM

I went to a very interesting seminar at the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit at the University of Oxford today. The speaker was Professor Helen Ball and she was talking about bed-sharing with your baby. She has published lots of fascinating studies about this including from videos of how mothers and babies interact at the Sleep Lab and qualitative interviews with parents.

In the UK, 48% of parents have bed-shared by the time the baby is 3 months and 70-80% of breastfeeding mums have, even if they hadn't originally intended to. [NB. Bed-sharing doesn't mean that the baby has to be in the parental bed all night, part of the night counts too!] The National Institute of Clinical and Health Excellence is currently conducting a review of the evidence around bed-sharing and it is likely to be less straightforward than the health messages parents have been receiving in the last decade: that is, not to bed share. This is because the evidence is very mixed about whether it is beneficial or has no protective effectt (i.e. neutral).

By Tessa of, Mar 19 2014 04:24PM

I came across an interesting article that talks about interviews with parents on the subject of weaning (and decisions about breastfeeding and formula). It seems that all the guidelines aimed at us parents make us feel guilty and be secretive about what we really do! The reality is that so many factors affect our decisions about how to feed our babies and when to wean. The article suggested that support is too little and too late. My personal experience is that there is often different advice given by health visitors and breastfeeding counsellors, which leads to more confusion. So this article doesn't really provide any answers, but reassures us that it's not straightforward.

My first daughter eating
My first daughter eating
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