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Welcome to my yoga classes and workshops

For classes from 15th May, I am moving to a new booking system. See the schedule below. (Please use the link above until then.)

The Pregnancy Yoga and Well Woman Yoga classes have both in person and virtual options - please click on the BOOK NOW link to choose.

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Classes to suit your body ~ for where you are now and where you want to be

Pregnancy yoga & birth prep

Learn how to move safely in pregnancy and keep active ready for labour. If you want to learn breathing techniques, practical tips for birth and enjoy nourishing relaxations this is the class for you!

Thursdays 6.30-7.45pm ~ Virtual

Saturdays 10-11.15 ~ Virtual

See Birth Preparation courses

Mother & Baby Yoga

Are you ready to give your postnatal body some TLC? Stretch and strengthen while having fun with your baby. Learn songs and mini moves to bond with and entertain your little one.

Tuesdays 11-12.00 ~ In person, RG4

Wednesdays 10.30-11.30 ~ Virtual

Well Woman Yoga

Women tend to give, give, give. How can you give when your cup is empty though? In this nourishing class we start with a luxuriant yoga nidra relaxation and move into strengthening and stretching. We finish with a mini meditation that you can take into daily life for a little more calm.

Thursdays 8-9.15pm ~ Virtual

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(If you don't see the class listed on TicketTailor, we may be mid-block. Please email me to arrange joining.)

Trauma-sensitive yoga

I run courses to support mental health and resilience, and prevent burnout and absentism in the workplace. If you or your colleagues are facing high levels of stress or uncertainty about returning to your workplace after restrictions are lifted, please get in touch.

I also provide sessions for individuals who have experienced trauma or feeling overwhelmed.

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Are you having a problem with leaking? Or know you have a prolapse? Do you feel your core is weak or think you have a tummy gap (diastasis recti)?

Hypopressive exercises use a particular breathing technique and postures to re-establish the proper relationship between the respiratory and pelvic diaphragms.

Email for a clarity call

Period coaching

Whether you're experiencing heavy periods or excruciating pain, unpredictable mood swings, breast tenderness, mid-cycle pain, diarrhea, email me to book a clarity call to see how I can help you.

Perhaps you just want to get a better understanding of your cycle and work WITH your body rather than fighting it.

Email for a clarity call

Yoga teacher training /mentoring

As the Yoga Teachers Forum prenatal and postnatal trainer, I can support your further learning and make the business you love financially sustainable.

I don't know about you, but I've found it hard to find good CPD. Look no further!

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"The meditation on our bodies gave me much to ROAR about this week... from childhood trauma to the recognition and celebration of how truly amazing my body is, I feel as if i have come full circle and am looking forward to finding ways to give my body the love it deserves 💜" Alison Murphy