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The Pregnancy & Birth Colouring Book with Yoga Nidra

A specialist pregnancy yoga teacher and mother-of-two, I have created The Pregnancy and Birth Colouring Book with Yoga Nidra to provide a reflective space for your pregnancy and to prepare for the birthing journey and the arrival of your baby.


There are 15 images on thick 130mg paper for a lovely colouring experience. I suggest using fine tipped felt tip pens.  The book is spiral bound to lay flat while colouring and so that you can easily remove pages if you would like to put them around your home in the weeks leading up to the birth.


The positive words surrounding the mandalas reinforce the images of natural, active birth. The Yoga Nidra (relaxation) scripts allow you to embed the concept of birth as a natural, instinctive process, with downloads of Tessa talking you through the specially constructed yoga nidras available through the book.

Front cover tidy A4

“This amazing colouring book offers pregnant women the perfect aid to positive visualisation for the pregnancy, birth and beyond.  The drawings are beautiful and a truly inspired idea. I can see this being used widely to help mothers feel positively about their pregnancy and life ahead.“                                                                                                              Katie Bettle, NHS midwife, St Thomas Hospital, London


“This book gives a mama time for herself to relax while focusing on the beautiful aspects of pregnancy and birth.  This is also essential for mamas with young children.  Sitting and colouring these powerful pictures infiltrates to the inner layers of the mind: a powerful tool for positive birth.“                                                                                                                           Grace Collins, Doula, Breastfeeding counsellor & Positive Birth group leader


“This is such a lovely idea, encouraging pregnant women to find time to relax.     Tessa has a wonderful way of helping you to relax, and the drawings and   affirmations in this gorgeous colouring book will give mothers positive reminders     of how beautiful birth can be.”                                                          

 Linda Cook, National Childbirth Trust teacher, doula & birth art group facilitator

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If you attend classes with me, please email me to bring a copy to class and save on P&P!

Europe and Worldwide delivery options coming soon - contact me in the meantime please.

Feedback from expectant mums...


"I used the colouring book all throughout my pregnancy and indeed up to about 4cm dilated! It really helped me focus! The midwvies in the hospital thought it was an amazing idea." Maria, June 2016 (proud mummy of William)


"I am a midwife and a new mum. I've started offering hypnobirthing classes... I think that your drawings are beautiful and your affirmations are so in tune with what wise hippo [hypnobirthing] teaches" Carrie, March 2016


"I enjoyed my first day of maternity leave today and read some of your lovely book in the garden - so fabulous!" Laura, Sept 2015


"The book is beautiful" Hannah,         Oct 2015


"Tessa is the most caring and creative yoga teacher I know!" Tina, Oct 2015


"Thank you for the beautiful colouring page birth affirmation. I will be adding it to my birth altar for our home birth!" Kerry-Lee, March 2016


"Wonderful and positive affirmations to say during my pregnancy. Drawing is beautiful! I can't wait to color it. Thank you!!" Corrie, May 2016


"Absolutely beautiful illustrations. I printed these out on watercolor paper and plan on painting them while meditating on my second home birth. Thank you so much!" Kathryn, August 2016



Published review...


"The book features lovely images, within mandalas, to colour in. This can aid reflection and prepare for birth, creating a wonderful keep-sake.


This is a beautiful book, created with love and care, feature an abundance of knowledge and positive affirmations" British Wheel of Yoga Spectrum Magazine, Spring 2016

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Please get in touch if you are a pregnancy teacher, hypnobirthing teacher, birth art facilitator or other person who would like to use these with clients.  I can provide you with 1 or 2 illustrations to use, which have details of where to buy the book if desired!  Alternatively if you would like to sell these directly, I can offer you a discount for bulk orders.

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This link will take you to the Etsy website where I am listed under Brilliant Birth.

"I just wanted to say what a fabulous resource your colouring book is! I am going to put it on the booking letter for my [pregnant] women as suggested reading." Eryl, Pregnancy Yoga teacher, Winchester

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