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Hypnobirthing, Mindfulness & Active Birth Workshop

Sunday 1-5.30pm November 15th 2020 Hemdean House School, Caversham


Do you want a workshop that addresses the physical AND mental aspects of birth? Would you like to learn techniques to feel calm and confident about your upcoming birth? Would you like your birth partner to understand his or her role in supporting you and protecting your relaxed state? Do you want to find out how posture and movement can make all the difference? (Please email me to book)


This workshop is for women who are attending regular pregnancy yoga classes (with me or another teacher) and are committed to listening to the tracks. The concepts I will teach you are actually simple, but it is the practice that will make the difference. We will cover


* the science behind using relaxation techniques to utilise natural pain killers and increasing oxytocin (love hormone)

* practice of a range of breathing techniques and visualisations to achieve calm, and thus feel in control whatever the situation

* an understanding of the mechanics of birth and practice of positioning and movements to faciliate your baby's arrival

* an opportunity to discuss in detail how to respond to different scenarios and tailor your birth preferences.

* access to an online platform of resources, including four relaxation tracks, and a folder of handouts.


Ideal from 30 weeks pregnant.


Venue: Hemdean House School, Caversham.


To book your place, please visit the shop page and choose the Hypno / Active Birth Workshop option.  The investment of £119 is for you and your birthing partner together, including refreshments, the relaxation tracks and folder of handouts.


"I really enjoyed today's workshop, for me it was the perfect length & a good mix of practical breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, & general information about what is going on in my body during birth.


Until today I had no idea how the muscles in my uterus contract during labour - its something very simple to tell expectant mothers yet in all of the materials I've read I've not come across this at all. I think it also made my husband realise why this is important to me & how the birth of our child will pan out, & the part both of us can play in remaining as calm & in control as possible (even though I know it's not 100% his thing!).


I feel committed to using the tools I've learnt today in the run up to the birth of our baby as practice, & during labour itself. Thank you.  p.s.  I would recommend bringing a  notebook to anyone attending a future course!" Kate, May 2017

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"I wanted to say how much Ben and I have enjoyed your birth course; it truly is wonderful and so informative.


It has made me alter my birth plan slightly (in a good way) and given me more confidence to say what I really want rather than just leave all decisions to the medics and I want to thank you for giving me the courage to voice my true thoughts.


I know I will also use the relaxation tracks during labour too, the music to the hypnobirthing track is just so dreamy!"  Sophie Capo-Bianco, due Oct 2020


"Tessa's birth prep workshop transformed our view about birth.  My husband was really nervous about the birth and his "part to play".


The gym ball exercises, golden thread breath and labour circuit were amazing tools that we used in our birth.  


The workshop was structured in a way that prepared us for birth and empowered us with choices and options.  The opportunity to connect with my husband was so special and unexpected.


It gave hime the confidence to speak up and enable me to go deep." Hannah Hyland, Oct 2020