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Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA) workshops

Saturday 21st July 2018 3-5.30pm, Aroma House, Cremyll Road


Do you want to know more about your menstrual cycle? Perhaps you suffer with period pain or terrible PMT and want to feel physically and emotionally better. Perhaps you are hoping to conceive and want to understand more about your cycle, in order to confidently support your fertility.  Or maybe you are approaching menopause and want to positively reconnect with your cycle before it's too late. For these reasons and more, this workshop will introduce you to the benefits of MCA so that you more confidently can give self-care throughout your cycle.


These workshops happen 2/3 times a year so that women interested in attending the Caversham Red Tent can learn the basics of MCA and get a taste of what a Red Tent gathering is like.  It is also suitable for those that already attend the Red Tent but would like to learn more.


I will create a safe space where you can ask all the questions about your cycle that never got answered.  It is so healing to hear other women speak about their experiences of their cycles because often they are very similar.  We will cover the practicalities of tracking your cycle so you have a next step to take away with you.


Investment for the 2.5 hour workshop £20, bookable in advance here.  (If you are taking part in the online course, you are eligible for a discount. **If money is an issue, please do not hesitate to contact me for a sliding scale of fees. Every woman should have access to this knowledge**)



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In the meantime, I thoroughly recommend the following:


The Women's Quest workbook by Alexandra Pope


Wild Power by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo-Wurlitzer


Their webinar series, starting at:


Their online school: (my affiliate link)


My four FREE yoga videos for different times in your cycle

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"Becoming more aware of the different energies of my cycle has strangely helped my periods to be easier - lighter, way less pain...

I’m excited to pass this knowledge onto my daughters and am hugely grateful to Tessa for sharing her wisdom with me." (Anna H)


"Menstrual awareness has helped me connect my emotional waves to my physical being... by acknowledging and understanding my cycle I have given myself permission to ... ask for comfort when I need to." (Amina)


"Instead of feeling overwhelmed and only okay for 1 week a month; I now enjoy the benefits each season the cycle offers me and I look forward to all of them." (Kailash)