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Your baby is finally here! Well done mum!!

This class is here to support you and your baby in your postnatal period. From six weeks postnatal (if you feel ready!) to approximately 7 months.   (Older Baby yoga class is on hold until I can have mobile babies in the class again).


If you have had a caesarean birth or other intervention during the birth it is important that you go at the right pace for you, healing from the inside out and I can facilitate that.  Sometimes what is needed most is to relax with others who understand the demands of motherhood.


With a new baby you can feel that you never have enough time.  Mother & Baby Yoga is a chance to focus on your developing relationship and enjoy this time that, in retrospect, passes so quickly.  The yoga practice for mum shows you how to effectively and correctly strengthen your pelvic and abdominal muscles, release tight shoulders and neck from holding and feeding your baby, and to relax (useful when you're sleep deprived!).  The yoga practice for baby includes massage, playful stretches and singing to stimulate your baby's development on every level.


Mother and Baby Yoga is about going with the flow.  So if your baby cries during the class or starts crawling over other mums it's OK!  You can feed the baby during the class, change their nappy or let them nap.  It's the most informal yoga class you'll ever go to.

Mother and baby yoga classes in Caversham and Henley

Mother & Baby Yoga in Caversham,


Having fun at Mother & Baby Yoga

Tuesday 11-12 (in person) & Wednesday (virtual) 10.30-11.30  

Join 15 mins early for a chat.


You may be able to join part way through a block if there is space - email me to find out.

online mother baby course

Want to share this with the other parent? Grandma? Or can't make it to a class?

Join my online Mother & Baby Yoga course: 8 downloadable videos giving you more than an hour of yoga with your little one.  The videos cover newborn to 6 weeks; 7 to 14 weeks; and 15 weeks plus.  Your favourite songs from the videos will last your baby's whole childhood.


For less than £15 (Email me for 50% discount available if you are attending local classes).

Want individual attention or a class in the comfort of your own home?

1-2-1 sessions are available during the week between 9.30 and 2.30, at times when I don't have group classes.  If there is a particular issue you want to address for your postnatal body like diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness or prolapse, or you would just like to learn the songs and mini moves for your baby at home, please email me.  See also the information on Hypopressive exercises that I teach.

£45 for one hour session (may be £50 if you are outside of central Reading or Caversham)

Alma April to July 2013 113

"Your class is like a big hug"

Deborah & Melissa


"Best Mother & Baby Yoga class ever"

Monique & Zylan

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"Highlight of our week"

Hannah & Ash

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