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Wednesdays 12-1pm, Reading Canoe Club, Caversham (see venue maps)   


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(You're welcome to do a taster session for £5 or pay pro-rate if you join us mid-term if there is space)


Suitable from approximately 7 months when your little one is sitting confidently.  Once they are able to sit up, a whole new world open up to them because they can see so much more and play with toys more easily. They also get a lot heavier, which makes some of the yoga we do with the small babies hard work!  They can keep coming to this class as they crawl and toddle.  It's fine for them to roam - the room is safe for explorers!


The Older Babies Yoga class is a chance to reclaim a bit of 'me time' so that you can keep giving to your family the rest of the time.  The little ones play in the centre of the circle with soft toys that I bring, and any favourites you want to bring. We still sing some songs with them, but this is an opportunity to do more yoga yourself. It is suitable for mums and dads, so if you're sharing parental leave this can be dad's chance to get in on some of the fun.







You are welcome to bring snacks for them to eat during the class. It's also fine if that's their nap time and you want to bringing them sleeping in the buggy.


This is your chance to look after your body with the aches and pains that can come from looking after a small person, and to let go mentally of tiredness and frazzlement (I know I just made that word up!)

Older Babies Yoga (aka Free Range Yoga)

"It's always such a great class with the perfect atmosphere. I really enjoyed seeing my son roam about today, he certainly seemed to enjoy himself!" (Katia, November 2017)


"I loved the class." (Beth, February 2016)


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The crawlers and toddlers explore and socialise while the mums do some yoga.  Two minutes before they were all in the centre with the toys!

We still do some songs and groovy yoga moves with the little ones. After 'the wheels on the bus' we made a long tunnel out of downward dogs and rolled balls through.