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Mother & Baby Yoga DVD (Videos also available through online platform here)

I have scripted this 86 min DVD to provide nurturing, stabilising and strengthening exercises for mum postnatally, and fun songs and groovy mini yoga moves to do with your little one from Day 1 to crawling. There are 11 fun songs included in the practices that are the tried-and-tested favourites from my weekly classes.


There are nine sections:

0-6 weeks: Nurturing mum

0-6 weeks: Connecting with baby

7-14 weeks: Sittying & kneeling activities

7-14 weeks: On all fours, standing & lying activities

15 weeks onwards: Sitting & knewwling activities

15 weeks onwards: On all fours, standing & lying activities

Different postures to rest in

Guided relaxation (15 minutes)


These sections can be used cumulatively: that is, you can keep doing the exercises from 0-6 weeks and add more as you have time and the inclination. Please dip into the relaxation as soon as you can.


The mums and babies featured in the DVD are all from my classes, many of whom came to my pregnancy classes too.

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A little video with five clips from the 86 min DVD / online school:

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"I love going to Tessa's weekly class, it's the highlight or our week. I really feel it's a great bonding session and has really helped me recover postnatally... I treated myself to the DVD for my first Mother's Day and love it, we love having the class so easily accessible.  It stays in my DVD player. I put it on for a rainy day's activity, for Ash when I need 5 minutes (Tessa's voice seems to calm her along) and I love listening and singing along when she's feeding." Hannah & Ash (April 2016)


"We've been doing the DVD anytime we have a spare 15 minutes and really enjoying it" Lyndsay and Georgia (Nov 2015)


"I love it!" Patrycja and Gabriela (Sept 2015)

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