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She's a chubba at 8lbs 2 ozs! The birth was incredible! I'm feeling so blessed that I got the experience I wanted. My anxiety of my mind getting in the way of the birthing process quickly irradicated once I went into labour and allowing my body to birth my baby was just unbelievable. Thank you so much for your support, it really helped. I birthed my baby by simply using the power of the breath, positivity and Matt's encouragement, no stitches needed either. I'm sooo happy!! (Michelle, May 2016)


All the breathing techniques and golden breath worked a treat for me and even though it didn't end as planned [forceps] everyone commented how calm I was throughout! Thank you for your help and support and looking forward to starting baby yoga in the new year!x (Hannah, Nov 2015)


I've found your classes such a wonderful support for preparing and learning to be a mama. Sad I won't get to do your fab pregnancy classes again next time around when we're ready for baby 2! Thanks again for all your classes and support. You're a wonderful teacher (Verity, October 2015)


I'm only halfway through my pregnancy but I have been going to Tessa's classes for a good few weeks now and I can't recommend her classes enough. She is just amazing - very knowledgeable, reassuring and inspiring at the same time. I'm much more relaxed about the rest of my pregnancy journey and feel more engaged with my baby boy through the techniques & exercises she taught and knowledge she shared (Timea, June 2015)


Our beautiful baby girl was born in the pool at home. It was less than two hours from me calling the midwives to the delivery so I was very pleased to have your visualisations, breathing techniques and positions to keep me calm and comfortable (Lindsay, daughter born May 2015)


Just to let you know that Jake was born weighing 8lb 6. Whole labour just over an hour! Almost had him in the car park! I had seen Anne the chiropractor the day before so she obviously lined things up well. Only time for two puffs of gas!! Thanks for your yoga classes. I really enjoyed them. (Caroline's Jake born Dec 2014)


So we finally had our little man on Sunday evening at 10.09pm, weighing 8.9lbs! I cannot thank you enough for all you taught Nick and I in the birthing workshop and all those weeks of pregnancy yoga. The golden thread breath got me through it, I managed 24 hours of labour with only paracetamol and a few hours of gas and air! Without practicing yoga and breathing that would not have been possible. I recommend all pregnant ladies to attend your classes, especially as early as possible to get the full benefit.  Thank you Tessa (Jacob born November 2014)


I had a few 1-2-1 sessions with Tessa during my pregnancy as I was very anxious about the labour.  The sessions helped me relax and to look at labour as a positive experience and the deep breathing exercises really helped during the birthing process and I was in labour for less than three hours.  The sessions were great!" Refat (Zaid born August 2014)


Lovely relaxing pregnancy yoga class! I've been attending this class for about 20 weeks and every class is different. As well as the yoga class itself Tessa is very knowledgeable and has been really helpful with advice and recommendations during my pregnancy :) Class is highly recommended! - Lola's mum, Sarah (June 2014)


Just to let you know that my baby, Seth, was born on 28th February, weighing 9lbs 2oz! I used my yoga breathing and some of the positions all the way through the labour, so it made a real difference, thank you. I really enjoyed your classes and will definitely be back for my next baby! - Laura

Mother & Baby Yoga classes

Some feedback from the lovely ladies who've attended my classes...

Testimonial's for Tessa's yoga classes


"I've just met up with a few friends from my NCT class and they were raving about your yoga [mother & baby] class on Friday morning. I would be really keen to join..." Anna (August 2014)

"Once Alice turned 6 weeks, we experienced Tessa's Mother & Baby classes together.  Tessa's classes introduce your body to gentle exercises, (but they're not all easy), as well as involving your baby by including some fun routines too." Tracey (June 2014)

Dot's birth story - May 2016

Alice's birth story by Tracey, Caversham (June 2014)

Working on a contract up in Yorkshire during my first pregnancy with Sophia didn't leave me with much spare time on either an evening or weekend as I was always travelling.   With my second pregnancy I was determined to find time for myself and my unborn baby to relax and spend time thinking and preparing for the upcoming event.


I wanted to try yoga as I understood this to be a form of exercise as well as a base for learning techniques of controlling the body and the mind. Even though I'd had a relatively good birth with Sophia with help from gas and air, I was a little bit scared of giving birth the second time around as I knew more about what to expect, what could happen and how long everything could take.


I joined Tessa's pregnancy yoga class 10 weeks before my estimated due date. Not only did it give me a little bit of 'me' time, but I learnt a lot too. Breathing techniques, positions to stretch and relax the body, as well as trying to get the baby into the optimum position for giving birth. (At my midwife check ups my baby kept changing positions, but most of the time was back to back).  


As usual, I went for my morning yoga class one Saturday, went home and set about some chores and then in the evening I was taken a little by surprise when I went into labour. It was a lot faster than I expected. One minute I felt a few twinges, the next I knew it was definitely happening. My waters then broke and there was a slight panic whilst we found someone late on a Saturday night to come and stay with Sophia. All the way to hospital and in the room within the midwife led unit I kept concentrating on breathing through the pain trying to remember what I'd been taught. If it hadn't been for the fact that this baby was back to back (even though I'd been practising various positions to try and change it!), I really think I'd have managed without the gas and air this time, but as it was, it all went really well and after 2 hours from my waters breaking our beautiful baby girl Alice was born.


In hindsight, I wish I'd been able to start the pregnancy yoga classes earlier in my pregnancy, but what time I was able to spend there taught me a great deal about breathing which I used and focused on during the birth. Thank you Tessa for teaching me such a vital tool!

Michelle's birth story - May 2016