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The Pregnancy Bible (ed.) Dr Anne Deans


Hypnobirthing by Marie Morgan (comes with a CD)


Mother's Breath: ... yoga breathing, sound and awareness practices for pregnancy, birth, post-natal recovery and mothering by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli.


Yoni Shakti (Womb Power) by Uma Dunsmore-Tuli 2014


Ina May's Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin


Home Births: Stories to Inspire and Inform (ed.)

Abigail Cairns


The Father's Home Birth Handbook by Leah Hazard


The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by La Leche League


If you develop pelvic girdle pain visit here for booklet




Pregnancy-related experiences such as antenatal screening and breastfeeding: 


Research and advice about natural birth: 


Politely decline to listen to negative stories about birth For positive stories 


For information on pregnancy diet see


My sister website for birth blogs

Pregnancy & Birth Resources

Useful books, articles & websites

Pregnancy & birth resources- books, articles, websites, birth videos, templates and handouts

Birth preferences template (Word doc)  pdf

These were my birth preferences for my two daughters.  Yours might be quite different, but hopefully it provides food for thought or a starting place for your specific pregnancy.


Pelvic floor exercises in pregnancy handout or see for good diagrams


Perineal massage Oxford NHS handout


Yoga for the second trimester handout


Yoga for the third trimester handout


Yoga for breech babies handout


Yantra for birth

The yantra is a geometrical diagram used as an aid to meditation. The circle represents space, the star dynamic equilibrium, the cross multiplication and the bindu in the centre (normally a solid dot) supreme consciousness. I drew it as a focus for birth, to meditate on opening and softening.


Yoga for postnatal exercise handout  (NB note that this has a typo on - not psoas but piriformas!)


Exercising postnatally handout

Templates & Handouts

See how a baby twists and turns through the pelvis to be born (48 secs):  

Childbirth animation


Relaxation is a hugely important part of pregnancy. You want to go into the birth with your batteries fully-charged, not exhausted, for the physical and emotional journey ahead.


See Downloads page for guided relaxations

e.g. Golden Thread breath & Blooming Rose image

Pregnancy videos on my YouTube channel


Yoga with Tessa's channel


Including yoga sequences, visualisations and birth prepration videos.

My Pregnancy & Birth Colouring Book

with Yoga Nidra


Image only

Find out more


A colouring book for

expectant mums to support reflection during your pregnancy and preparation

for birth. Includes link to

two guided relaxations.

My videos on breathing techniques (on YouTube)

Golden thread breaths (6 mins) Slow and fast breaths (6 mins)


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