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Red Tent Gatherings

A monthly social circle for women - running for over 3 years now.

Takes place monthly on Mondays, 8-10pm, in Caversham

(Please email for venue)


MONDAY   Usually the Monday nearest the New Moon. 2018 dates: 16th Apr, 14th May (in yurt in woods), 11th June (in yurt), 16th Jul (in yurt), 13th August (lunchtime), 10th Sept (in yurt), 8th Oct, 5th Nov, 3rd Dec.








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Red Tents are places where women can meet monthly, as they would traditionally have done in many cultures on the New Moon, to share experiences and celebrate the passing of events such as menarche.  It is also a place where girls learn about womanhood and feminity.  There is something very powerful and validating about sitting in a circle of women. If you have never tried it, please come and try at least once!


What exactly happens varies from Red Tent to Red Tent.  It has been running for over two years and has become a vibrant community. It usually runs something like this:


* Introductions and couple of words for how your week has been

* Relaxation (please bring a light blanket or shawl to get cosy!)

* Circle time - different themes to get the talking going - the main point is to listen rather than give advice (and you don't have to speak at all, you are supporting by just being there)

* Closing circle - a moment to reflect


It is traditional at a Red Tent to wear something red to symbolise our shared womanhood, this could be as big as an entire red dress or something small like a red pendant!


You are very welcome to bring babes-in-arms. Girls are welcome - this may be from menarche or earlier if you are happy for them to be up late and listening to frank experiences!  The circle is open to all women.


Please feel free to bring craft activities to do while we are talking. Perhaps we can work on a collective piece. Ideas welcome.  Homemade biscuits and cakes also appreciated for sharing! Also, please bring natural objects to make a centre piece, a mandala, for our circle.


A donation of £5 (or whatever you can afford) is requested to cover the cost of running the Red Tent including refreshments, craft materials etc.  Any excess will be donated to women's charities.  


Many thanks to all of the men that make it possible for us to meet (e.g. by taking care of the little ones).  Traditionally men would also meet away from the women - why not set up your own gathering?  It seems to me that young men would really benefit from hearing men speak frankly about what concerns them.


For online and face-to-face courses on menstruality, I recommend Alexandra Pope at the Red School.


See also my Yoga especially for Women class and four FREE yoga videos for different times in your cycle. I also do Mother Blessings and Womb Blessing ceremonies (e.g. for before hysterectomy).

"Thank you for your care and thoughtfulness on Monday. It was so helpful to be with a group of women that I could feel safe with and your space holding is perfect." Kailash (June 2017)


"Thank you for creating such a beautiful space to simply "be" last night and for sharing such useful info.  It was exactly what I needed as a journey into winter & also as I learn more about my own cycle. I always appreciate your attention to detail." (Emily June 2016)


"This is a really quick message of thanks for last night's red tent meeting. It was wonderful to be held in a safe space with other like-minded women. "Emily (April 2016)


"I just wanted to say thank you so very much for last night... You and your home are so welcoming. That has been my best Red Tent so far." Billy (February 2015)


"Thank you for a lovely evening Tessa. I look forward to more Red Tents." Agnieszka (February 2015)

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EXCITING NEWS! I am now offering Menstrual Medicine Circles to individual women who would like to be supported in connecting with the wisdom of their own cycles.  Please visit the MMC page for more details of this incredible process.

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