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Relaxation downloads

Downloads for relaxation in pregnancy, labour, birth and for new mother breath

FREE audio downloads from Tessa

Journey of the Breath Whole body relaxation Yoga Nidra (Deep relaxation)

Deep relaxation audio downloads from Yoga Nidra Network

(see their website for pregnancy, labour, postnatal, sleep ones and many more)

Pregnancy video - Golden Thread breath & Wave visualisation

30 minute audio relaxation - Gratitude and coming home to yourself

Relaxation for parents (20 mins)

"I love your relaxation tracks. I use them to help me get to sleep most nights :)" Nazeerah (July 2015)


"Your relaxation downloads have been of great help before, during and after my experience as a second time mum! The breathing technique was all I could use in my one hour labour. During my adventurous trip to the hospital in the back of the car all I had to manage contractions was my breathing. After delivery, during post-labour contractions and while breastfeeding, these techniques are still of great help." Monia, Ester born January 2015, 7 lb 8

Expectant parents (includes kissing baby's body) (15 mins) Breast 'loving the body you're in' Yoga Nidra (25 mins) Sleep relaxation (20 mins) - will leave you asleep :) Reducing sugar - natural sweetness - yoga nidra (22mins)

For my NEW video series on Cyclical Yoga for different energy levels / seasons, visit here.

Pregnancy Yoga Nidra - Live class recording (20 mins)