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Welcome fellow pregnancy professional!


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For top tips on how to write a great Welcome email that nurtures your new client and a template email for you to personalise, click the link above to start implementing it in your business.


I really hope you'll join me for the Birth Preparation for Couples training course through the Yoga Teachers Forum.


See more about the curriculum here. As well as covering the content of what you will teach in the workshop, we will cover business skills to make sure that the workshops you offer are a success, without burnout and overwhelm.


If you have any questions of any nature, don't hesitate to book a Clarity Call with me at [email protected].


If the training is definitely not right for you at the moment, please take a look at my online Birth Preparation course:  I offer an affliate fee of 50% of the course cost when someone you recomend signs up. Get in touch if you might like to become an affliate.  




Whether you join me for the training or not, you can invest in mentoring for your business.  I want to support you to be a happy entrepreneur!  Some clarity and guidance can save a lot of time and stop you going round in circles.


The yoga component of my business generated £30k in sales, part-time, last year.  I can give you a short cut and avoid the long-learning process that I took to get to that point. 


As a one off session, or for on-going support, we can tailor something that suits you.


Get in touch by emailing with any questions (about the bonus, the training, the mentoring, or just to say hi and connect)


Tessa x 

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