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This fun book gives the correct terms for the lower anatomy, an understanding of what is where, and an introduction to periods.  With two levels of text, depending on reading ability, and multi-cultural illustrations, this book opens up communication between parent and child about changing bodies.

Aimed at 5-9 year olds, but it depends very much on the child and the family.  A book to go back to again and again as questions arise.

Available on Amazon, Wordery and direct from me in the UK (signed and/or message).  For bulk orders to sell at workshops, please get in touch.

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I created this after my daughters were in bed in 2015. The aim is for the mother-to-be to have space to reflect as she prepares for the birth of her baby by engaging her senses of touch (colouring in), sight (looking at the protective mandalas) and sound (listening to two specially crafted yoga nidra relaxation tracks).


The dark purple version is spiral bound and can be ordered directly from me for £11.50 (incl P&P) or in class for £10.  The white and pale purple edition you can get from Amazon. You can also buy and download individual pages from Etsy.

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The Pregnancy & Birth Colouring Book with Yoga Nidra

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All of my ideas for books start in the face-to-face classes, workshops and events that I run.  I notice a need and when I don't find that resource exists already, I am compelled to create it.


I hope these books help you or those that you look after on the journey through the rites of passage of puberty or pregnancy and birth.


Tessa x

Ruby Luna's Curious Journey

Ruby Luna's Moontime

Think Adrian Mole's Secret Diary but for girls.  Ruby Luna gets her period aged 10 and writes in a diary format about starting her period, transitioning to secondary school and moving house.  Light-hearted with facts woven skillfully in and a link to a rainbow chart to track her own cycle when it starts.


Aimed at 10-13 year olds, but also suitable for early developers of 8 and 9.

Available on pre-order at Amazon.