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Yoga especially for Women, Caversham

These friendly classes are suitable for any women wanting to give themselves some TLC, starting with a 15/20 min Yoga Nidra (relaxation) and followed by gentle asanas (postures) and movements.  The class is also nourishing for those with menstrual problems, fertility issues or menopausal symptoms. The classes aim to:


* practise yoga in a way that nurtures and strengthens our female anatomy and physiology

* honour the times of higher energy and our need for rest in relation to the monthly cycle (or the lunar cycle post-menstruation)

* support your own awareness and personal practice at a pace that suits you

* provide time for deep relaxation.


The classes are open to all women.  No prior experience of yoga is necessary.  If you have found other yoga classes too physical in the past, please try this one. The idea is to feel completely free to join in with the parts of the session that feel right for you, choosing energetic and/ or relaxing practises.  If you need to spend the whole session in a restorative pose that's ok by me! Please bring a blanket for the relaxation when the weather is chillier!  However, we also include more energetic sequences when appropriate.


The irony is that although the majority of yoga practitioners in the world are women, most of the yoga they are practising has been developed by male lineages of teachers and traditions, and is 'yang' in nature.  While we have a lot to be thankful for the wonderful techniques passed down literally over thousands of years by yogis, it is time to embrace practices too that reflect and honour yoginis' anatomy, physiology and temperament!!  I am indebted to Uma Dinsmore-Tuli for her development of Womb Yoga ( Please go on a retreat with her if you get the chance, or read her new book 'Yoni Shakti'.


For FREE relaxation tracks visit here (on my downloads page).


See also the Deep Relaxation workshops and yoga-inspired Birth Preparation Workshops, both of which run every two months


You may also be interested in the Red Tent (women's social circle) that I host in Caversham.


Check out these videos for different energy levels:


Thursdays 8-9.15pm, virtual class using Zoom  

**Next 5 week block runs starts 28th May**  Link to book live soon.

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Yes please! Well woman yoga in Caversham, Reading

For a specific issue, you may wish to have an individual session. This can be arranged at your home. Please contact me to discuss.

"Thank you for last night's yoga, I slept all night, which is a first for a long time" Linda (November 2014)


"Thank you for the lovely asanas [yoga postures] from last night... I be feeling good today :-D" Grace (February 2015)


"I really enjoyed the yoga class, it was a lovely mix of relaxation and exercise. It's been a long time since I have done anything like that and I have felt really well following! Thanks so much" Katie (February 2015)


"Yoga nidra is like being a child again and having someone read to you. It's so relaxing" Barbara (July 2015)

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